Degrees and Certifications

Below is a list of the different degrees and certifications that I have obtained over the years:


Below is, in reverse chronological order, each of the schools I have attended with a list of the degrees obtained along with other information. 

Seminary/Masters Education

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Phoenix, Arizona
2007 - 2013

Graduated: May 2013
Degree: Master of Divinity in Leadership Development
GPA: 3.853

After taking a few years of rest, I began again at Phoenix Seminary with about 1/3 of my credits under my belt and taking 1-2 classes a semester and after 10 years I completed my degree program.

Extra Curricular: 

While I attended Phoenix Seminary, I began many outside endeavors, much which can be seen through this site. During my final semester I was a teaching assistant for Dr. John DelHousaye for his Survey of the Gospel classes and his Greek classes. I also volunteered on the Student Life Council.

After Graduation:

After Graduation I am now continuing down the path that God has placed me on; whether that ends up focusing full-time on my consulting business, focusing on the non-profit full-time or some other avenue; I will follow where He directs. 
Before heading to Phoenix Seminary, I started my seminary career at Emmanuel School of Religion. Click the link below to find out more about what I did at that school.

Massage School Education

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Phoenix, Arizona

Graduation: 2006
Degree: Professional Massage Therapy; 815.5 hours
GPA: 4.0

I attended Arizona School of Massage Therapy and completed the program with highest honors; receiving a 4.0 GPA and awards for 100% attendance and the 5-star clinical award. This last award was given to all students that went above and beyond in their clinic duties performing additional massages every week.

Extra Curricular: 

While I attended Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT), I helped setup regular study sessions with my fellow classmates before all our tests. I helped coordinate these tutoring sessions in-between our classes and before and after school. I also volunteered for over 30 hours as a student practitioner in community outreach. 

After Graduation:

Right before graduating, three of my classmates and I went to interview for Steiner, a company that is the chosen spa operator for over 25 luxury cruise liners around the world. All four of us received job offers. During my interview though, I did mention that I was going back to school for my masters, so my acceptance letter was more along the lines of, "Thank you for applying. We are sorry to hear that you are unable to join our company at this time but request that you interview again in the future when you are ready to proceed with a career within our organization." 

The following year, as I was beginning my own massage company and continuing on with my Seminary education, I also received a part-time job at ASMT as a TA for a few different classes; and was even asked on occasion to substitute teach for a few anatomy classes.

Seminary/Masters Education

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Johnson City, Tennessee

Graduation: Transferred
Degree: Masters of Divinity
GPA: Transferred

I attended Emmanuel School of Religion, now called Emmanuel Christian Seminary, directly out of university. 

Extra Curricular: 

While I attended Emmanuel, I enjoyed the community and fellowship of my fellow students and teachers. If I had to choose only one thing to say that Emmanuel did best, it would be their community. I often enjoyed hikes one one of the many hiking trails around and joined in on the weekly game of Ultimate Frisbee.


After a few years, I felt God's call to transfer seminaries. Emmanuel was a great school while I attended there, but I felt that the education I was receiving was more academic focused than practical ministry focused. That among other reasons, which God brought to mind, I felt that I needed to seek out another seminary. One of these reasons was that 2-years prior, I felt God calling me to a place where I was going to be pulled out of my comfort zone and stretched. After 2-years of stretching, I felt God calling me back to a place where I had a solid support system through my life long friends from High School. It is of course by God's great design and leading, that the two things I was desperately desiring (a seminary education that was balanced between education and practicality; and a solid support base) was found in the same location. So, I put in my transfer request to Phoenix Seminary and was told that often transferring seminaries, most class credits are lost. It was another sure sign from God that all but 2 of my 34 credits were able to be transferred. 

University Education

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La Mirada, California

Graduation: May 2003
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis on Deaf Studies; Minor in Computer Science; Minor in Biblical Studies
GPA: 3.48 - Cum Laude

I attended Biola University and completed my four-year degree in three-years, with the addition of two minors. 

Extra Curricular: 

While I attended Biola, I assisted in the development of a Deaf Studies program and was the first student to graduate from said program. I attended a Deaf church in the area, Calvary Community Deaf Church, and assisted in their youth camp for one year. And, during my final two years at Biola, I co-lead a missions trip to Mexico through the organization AMOR Ministries. This missions trip was called the ABC Outreach, and stood for the "Azusa Biola Co-collegiate" Outreach. This was an endeavor to bring together these two schools in a common ministry to do God's work; as there had been, and continues to be, great rivalry between the two schools. 

After Graduation:

After graduating, I continued my Deaf Studies through volunteer interpreting and teaching an ASL class at a church in Tennessee (2003-2005), Grandview Christian Church, and then at Scottsdale Bible Church (2005-2009).

High School Education

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Scottsdale Christian
Phoenix, Arizona
1996 - 2000

Graduation: May 2000
Degree: High School Diploma
GPA: 3.99

I attended Scottsdale Christian Academy from 1st Grade through Middle School, and entered High School in 1996.

Extra Curricular: 

While I attended Scottsdale Christian, I was a member of the Missions Council my Sophomore year as a Jr. High Bible Study Leader, my Junior year as the Prayer Meeting coordinator and Junior Class Chapel Coordinator,and Senior year I was elected President of the Council. 

During my High School Career, I also enjoyed a year on the Yearbook Committee; was part of the choir all four years, and the elite choir my last two years; was on the drama ministry team my last three years, went on two mission trips (one to Mexico and the other to Guatemala) and was in the High School plays all four years. My freshman year I was in the musical Bye Bye Birdie, Sophomore year, I was in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, Junior year I was in the play Our Town and in the musical Peter Pan, and my senior year I was in the play Flowers for Algernon, and in the musical Music Man. 

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