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I have had a personal website ever since my high school years and the days of Yahoo!’s GeoCities. In 2005, I decided that for some strange reason I needed to own my own domain name. I think at first it was a way to have a personalized email address. Then it turned into a way for me to keep my family updated on my life while I was away at school. Then it became a testing ground for me to try out different design styles and web technologies.

Though it has had a blog attached to it for many many years now, I barely used it for that function. But, this, the 10 year anniversary of me setting up my own domain name,, I have collected images of my previous designs and listed them below for prosperity sake. (Chronological order.)

To see some of the functionality, you can click on the picture to be taken to the linked site. Yep, that is right, my site has received 21 archives since May 6, 2006. I mean, in just 9 years I received almost as many snapshots as Google receives everyday. That’s pretty nifty I think. ;-)

If you want to check out your website history, click on this link.

I hope you enjoy the trek through my history of web design…. don’t judge too hard. I was trying things that completely flopped sometimes.

2005 was registered by me, and the designing began.

Circa 2005-2008

I figured out how to do rollover images, and was working in Adobe Photoshop to produce a “dramatic” look for my site. This was in an era of life when I was going through a lot of growth, and spent a lot of time in prayer and looking towards God for direction. Thus, the rollover image of my head moving from looking up to heaven and down in reverence.

This site included the always available, ever inclusive and dreaded “About Me” section. I never really have figured out what to add to this page as those coming to this site really already know these things, and I am not big and famous where other people will be searching out to find out more about my life… but, every site needs an “about me” section…. right?

Then there are the images, of course, and the “what’s new” section and contact me. But, then there are the affiliates… oh, the affiliates. Why not make money on my site. :-) If there is a product that I like and use, and they offer remuneration for putting a link to their site from mine… why not do so? What could it hurt… even though I do not ever remember ordering from “” :-/
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Circa 2009-2011

Going from an all white site, to an all black site because I entered my, “navy blue, maroon and hunter green” phase. Thus the different colors hats. An interesting note on this page. I tried to separate my life into different parts, a practice I still do today. And I tried to have a website/blog for each section… a practice that I did not uphold as I just didn’t keep a blog well.

This site remained as you see it for 2 years with very little being done; except for a scrolling message which stated, “Site Message: This site is slowly but surely coming to completion. I will continue to work on it when a spare moment between clients arises.”

What actually changed and updated over time was more design, than content.
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Circa 2013-2014

I started to go back and forth between designing and coding from scratch, to using a WYSIWYG editor. And I landed on using a program called RapidWeaver to design this next iteration of the site. I loved the concept of clicking a button on the site and having the site slide to the right to reveal the menu. After designing and coding this by hand and realizing just how tedious that was, I landed on this great theme called “HQ” by Nick Cates. It seemed to fit exactly how I wanted the site to be… at that moment. Click on the image below to be taken to the working archive.

You can see that I still have my different areas of life: Personal, Education, Ministry, Design. But, the over all design is a major facelift.
Alt image
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December 2014 - Present

To add another facelift, become more current design oriented (flat design), and try to move toward a “minimalistic” view for my site for my 10 year anniversary; I arrived at what you see today.

A very basic home page with part of my “About Me” page listed and 3 easy buttons to dive into the site. Then, a hero image at the top of each page (as seen on my about me page - Image 2 below) or as a dramatic background (as seen in my doctrinal statements - Image 3 below), clear section background separations (as seen on my ministry projects page - Image 4 below) to clearly separate content, and the entire site being a responsive design.

Image 1 - Minimalistic Home Page

Alt image
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Image 2 - Hero Banner Image

Alt image
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Image 3 - Hero Background Image

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Image 4 - Separated Sections

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