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Doctrinal Statements

In preparation of my oral boards, a requirement for graduation from my Masters of Divinity program, I had to prepare a document of all of my beliefs on various theological topics. These topics ranged from who Jesus Christ is (Christology) to what I believed on the end times (Eschatology) and many other topics in-between.

Current Status: I have a section of this website devoted to these statements. There is a full compilation (both condensed and extended versions), and individual pages devoted to each theological topic. On these pages are Bible verse references, which I believe support my particular belief; and these references are linked to the full Bible verse(s) for you to read.

Future Plans: I do plan on working on individual Bible studies for each of the doctrinal statements, to break them down into a deeper study to explain the importance of each statement. But, this is a long project and will take many years to complete; as I do not currently have the time to devote to the completion of this task.
My wife and I volunteered to be small group leaders at Scottsdale Bible Church and were approached to lead a larger group that meets at the Cactus campus. It is such a blessing to be a part of this group and studying the Word of God together.

Current Status: We started officially meeting as a group on November 19, 2014 and began by studying the book of Acts. This 4-week overview of the book of Acts turned into a 10-month study where we went deep into the book studying the historical background and theological topics represented in the text. We are now currently going through the book of Revelation in an equally deep study.
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Small Group Study

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The Christian Chain, Inc.

It is the mission of The Christian Chain, through the creation of resources and building strategic partnerships, to bring together quality resources that help the Christian Community work across denominational barriers to further the Kingdom of God.

Current Status: As of February 14, 2013 we are an official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing at The Christian Chain and the different resources that we are developing, please visit our site at www.TheChristianChain.org. There is also a brief description of the resources below.
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Samaritan Bags is a community project. This project grew from an experience that I had when in one day I came across multiple people who were homeless and in need of food and a job. Often we see people standing at intersections with a sign asking for help, and we often drive by them without a second look. This day, God brought these people to my heart and brought about the idea for a Samaritan Bag.

Current Status (11/2014): This project took off very quickly. In a matter of months we moved from a project idea on paper to the completion of two successful bagging events, having made over 100 bags total, and the raising of over $1,000 to go towards relief efforts after the bombing at the Boston Marathon! By the end of 2013, we had our first major bagging event, making 1,000 bags. To date we have made over 2,600 bags and have another bagging event scheduled for the end of 2014 to pack another 1,000 bags.

We have many more ideas that are being implemented and partnerships with businesses and organizations which are being developed. To find out more updated information make sure to visit our Samaritan Bags Blog.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing with Samaritan Bags, please visit our site at SamaritanBags.com.
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Does God Have Feet? formerly "That Christian Site", is a question and answer site specifically focused on questions about the Christian faith. It is our goal to develop a quality resource for people of any faith or religious view to be able to come and ask sincere questions regarding the Christian faith. It is my belief that the Christian community should have no fear when it comes to questions about our faith. 

Whether the person is a believer, just seeking to understand their faith better; a seeker that is genuinely looking for answers about Christianity; or an opponent of the Christian faith that wants to know our defense against why they believe we are wrong in our views; we invite all people to submit their questions into our database. 

Currently we have over 60 questions that range from fun questions like, "Does God Have Feet?" to serious questions like, "Why did God take my son away at such a young age?" We understand that there are many questions that people are afraid to ask because they do not want to either be laughed at, or they do not want to be "evangelized." It is our goal to have Does God Have Feet? be a safe environment for anyone to ask their question and be able to get a quality, well researched and written answer in return. 

Current Status: Currently we are in Alpha development. The site is now hosted at the DoesGodHaveFeet.com and we have a web developer, a web designer and Christian theologians that are helping us get the Alpha site online with quality answers populated. 

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing at Does God Have Feet?, please visit our site at DoesGodHaveFeet.com.

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