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The Doctrine of Prayer

by Christopher Warrington

I BELIEVE in the power of prayer in that it can change the way God acts (Lk 11:9-10, Jas 4:2) and brings about forgiveness of sins (1Jn 1:9).

In order that our prayers are not hindered, I BELIEVE in the forgiveness of those who have sinned against us (Mt 6:14-15, Mk 11:25), the maintenance of the marriage relationship (1Pt 3:7), as well as the confession of our sins through prayer (Mt 6:12, 1Jn 1:9).

I BELIEVE in prayer to God the Father (Mt 6:9; Jn 16:23), God the Son (Ac 1:24, Ac 7:59) or God the Spirit who is with us even now (Ro 8:16, Jn 14:16, 26). And when we pray, we should pray according to God’s will (Mt. 6:10, 1Jn 5:14–15) with confidence (Heb 10:22) trusting in Jesus as our mediator (Jn 14:6, 1Ti 2:5). 

I BELIEVE in praying in the Spirit (Eph 6:18, Jude 20) by the power of Jesus Christ (Jn 15:16, 16:23-24) and with faith (Mk 11:24, Heb 11:1), obedience (1Pe 3:12, 1Jn 3:21–22) and humility (Lk 18:11–12 , Jas 4:10). 

I BELIEVE we should pray earnestly (Da 9:19, Heb 5:7) with thanksgiving (Php 4:6, Col 4:2) and without ceasing (Lk 18:1–8, 1 Th 5:17) while waiting on the Lord (Ps 27:14, 130:5–6) trusting that He knows our needs before we even ask (Mt 6:8).

I BELIEVE in both private (Mt. 6:6, Lk 5:16) and communal prayers (Mt. 6:11–13, 18:19–20) but that prayer should not be in the public as to gain glory for oneself (Lk 14:11, 18:9-14). 

I BELIEVE that this type of prayer is acceptable and pleasing to God (1Th 5:18). But, if prayer goes unanswered it may be because we are not praying as we ought to (Ro 8:26) in God’s will (Jas 4:3) asking in faith (Jas 1:6-8). And, if prayer remains unanswered we are to trust God to care for us according to His promises found through Scripture (Ro 8:28, 1Pe 5:7).

I BELIEVE when we pray according to God’s will and through the power of Jesus, I BELIEVE miraculous things can occur (Jn 11:38-44, Ac 9:36-42).

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