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The Doctrine of Eschatology

by Christopher Warrington

I BELIEVE in the sudden (Ac 1:11, 1Th 5:2), personal (Jn 14:3), visible (Re 1:7), bodily return of Christ (1Th 4:16) of when in time we do not know (Mt 24:44, 50; Lk 12:40) but, for which we should eagerly await (Re 22:20, Titus 2:11-13). I BELIEVE that it is possible that all signs, which were predicted to occur before the Lord’s return, may have already occurred and therefore the second coming of Christ may be imminent. I BELIEVE in a pretribulationalrapture (Re 3:10) of the redeemed and the premillennial reign of Christ on earth (1Th 4:16-17). I BELIEVE that during the age of the tribulation, after the fullness of the redeemed has occurred, all of Israel will be saved (Ro 11:12, 25-26).

I BELIEVE in the final judgement, which will occur after the millennium reign of Christ and Satan’s rebellion (Re 20:7-15; Ac 17:30-31). I BELIEVE that the redeemed will play a part in the judgement (1Co 6:2-3;Mt 19:28); and during the final judgement, the justice of God will be felt (Ro 3:19; Re 19:1-2) and Jesus will be the judge (2Tim 4:1; Ac 10:42) over believers (Ro 14:10, 12; Rev 11:18), unbelievers (Ro 2:5-7; Lk 12:47-48) and angels (2Pe 2:4, 1Co 6:3). I BELIEVE that the final judgement should: satisfy our inward sense of the need for justice (Col 3:22,25; Re 20:12), enable us to forgive freely (Ro 12:19; 1Pe 2:22-23), and provide a motive for righteous living (Mt 6:20) and evangelism (Eze 33:11; 2Pe 3:9). After the final judgement, I BELIEVE that the wicked will be cast into hell, which will be a place of eternal conscious punishment (Lk 16:22-24; Re 14:9-11). And I BELIEVE that the redeemed will live eternally (Re 21:24-26, 22:2) with God in heaven, which will be a physical place (Jn 14:2-3, 2Pe 3:10-13) of great beauty, abundance and joy (Re 21:2-7); where we will enjoy unhindered fellowship with God (Re 21:23, 22:3-4; Ps 16:11). And I BELIEVE this should encourage us to continue in sanctification, storing up treasures in heaven rather than on earth (2Pe 3:11-13, Mt 6:19-21).

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