My Statement of Faith

by Christopher Warrington

Divinum Mysterium

I BELIEVE the infinitude of God inherently contains attributes our finite minds cannot comprehend (Is 55:8-9). This is the Divine Mystery. As Christians, we struggle with difficult issues, growing in our knowledge (2Pt 3:16-18), while living in assurance that Scripture states everything God desires us to know (Dt 29:29) if we do not allow our bias to get in the way (1Co 1:18, 2Pt 3:17). The following are my current understandings and beliefs in regards to central theological doctrines.

About God

I BELIEVE in one God (Dt 6:4-5; Ro 3:30) who is triune in that He is a single God (Dt 6:4, Ep 4:4-6) who has eternally existed (Ge 1:26-27, Jn 1:1) as three persons (Mt 28:19, 2Co 13:14); Father (1Jn 2:1), Son (Jn 10:30) and Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19, Jn 1:32-33). This doctrine of the trinity is not a contradiction, but a biblical paradox and thus falls under the divinum mysterium status mentioned previously.

About Christ

I BELIEVE in Jesus the Christ, eternal (Jn 1:1) and pre-existent before His incarnation (Jn 6:46, 62), and in His incarnation, Jesus Christ existed as fully human (1Ti 3:16; Pp 2:7) and fully divine (He 1:3, Co 2:9), freely giving up the full exercise His divinity while on the earth (2Co 8:9).

I BELIEVE because of human depravity Jesus the Christ came to earth through the power of the Holy Spirit, being conceived by the virgin, Mary (Mt 1:18). He lived a life without sin (2Co 5:21) and was obedient to the will of God the Father (Jn 8:28-29), willingly submitting Himself to death (1Co 15:3, Jn 19:17-18) and on the third day He rose from the dead (Mk 16:5-6). After a period of forty days, He ascended into heaven (Ac 1:3-9) where He took His exalted seat at the right hand of the Father, full of honor and glory (Ac 7:55-56).

About the Holy Spirit

I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who is the third being of the Trinity (Mt 28:19) and who serves as the continued presence of God on earth through the Church (Jn 15:26). He convicts of sin (Jn 16:8-11), and regenerates the hardened heart (Ro 3:10-12) so that we can hear and respond to the gospel (Jn 1:13; Tt 3:5) and come to faith (Ga 1:15). The Holy Spirit enriches the life of a believer in many ways including sanctification (Ro 15:16; 2Th 2:13), empowerment over sin (Ro 8:1-17; 1Th 5:19; Ep 5:18), and providing spiritual fruit (Ga 5:22) and gifts (1Co 1:7; 12:4-11; 14:5,12).

About Scripture

I BELIEVE in the Holy Canon of Scripture (2Ti 3:16, 2Pt 1:20) which the Holy Spirit inspired the authors to write (Nu 24:2; 2Pt2:21). The totality of the Canon of Scripture can be found in all sixty-six books of the Bible; and the entire Canon is completely authoritative (Jn 14:26, 1Co 14:37), is inerrant in the original documents.

About People

I BELIEVE in the historical account of Genesis, when the human race was created by the intentional and purposeful act of God (Ge 1:26, 2:7, 21-22), as male and female in His image (Ge 1:26-27, 5:1). Different in nature and displaying different characteristics, each gender is unable to display the full image of God (IOG) alone (Ge 2:18); but sharing in the IOG, they are both equal in importance and value (Ga 3:28). Adam and Eve passed down the IOG to all generations (Ge 5:1-3) thus making all human beings equal inheritors of the IOG endowed with value and worth (Ge 9:6; Ja 3:9).

About Sin

I BELIEVE that sin came into creation by the act of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, when they disobeyed God’s command (Ge 3) through falling into temptation (Ge 3:6). By this disobedience, sinful corruption (depravity) (Ro 6:23) of the entire human race (Ro 5:12) became imminent and brought humankind’s conscious knowledge of sin and resulting shame (Ge 3:7).

About Salvation

I BELIEVE to reconcile the doctrines of predestination with human choice falls within the divinum mysterium. While God has predestined some to be saved (election) (Ep 1:4-6; Ro 8:28-30) and hardened the hearts of others against Him (reprobation) (Ro 11:7; 1Pt 2:8), Scriptural evidence supports that each member of humanity has the ability within him/herself to choose God, thus each is without excuse for refusing Him (Jn 5:39-40; Ro 1:20). As sovereign, God has the divine right to elect whomever He wills to be saved (Ro 9:18-24) yet He desires for all to be saved (1Ti 2:4, 2Pt 3:9).

I BELIEVE faith in Jesus Christ for the salvation of one’s sins is all that is needed to be saved (Jn 6:40, 47; Ro 5:1; Ga 3:24,26). Conversion occurs when a person willingly responds to the salvation call and comes to a saving faith (Is 55:6-7) by placing their trust in Christ (Jn 3:16), which should then be evident by a sincere repentance (Ro 2:4). Upon conversion two distinctive yet powerful acts occur simultaneously: the person is justified (Ro 4:16) and adopted into the family of God (Jn 1:12). Sanctification begins at conversion (1Jn 3:9) and continues (Pr 20:9) in partnership with God (Pp 2:13; 2Pt 1:5) during the present life (2Co 7:1). Believers have the guarantee and assurance of eternal life (Ep 1:13-14). When a believer physically dies they are immediately in the presence of God (Lk 23:43) and when a non-believer dies, they immediately go to eternal punishment (Mt 25:46) and await the final judgment (Jn 5:28-29).

About the Church

I BELIEVE the Church is the visible (1Co 1:2) and invisible (2Ti 2:19) community of all true believers, local (1Co 1:2) and universal for all time (1Co 12:28). The purpose of the Church is to give glory to God (Co 3:16), provide a means of growth for believers (Ep 4:11-13) and perform ministry to the World through evangelism and mercy (Mt 28:18-20). The Bible teaches that the Church should be unified as one body (Ep 4:3-6) and its members are commanded to live in unity (1Co 1:10).

About "Final Things"

I BELIEVE we should eagerly await a sudden (1Th 5:2, Re 22:20), personal (Jn 14:3), visible (Re 1:7), bodily return of Christ (1Th 4:16), the time of which we do not know (Mt 24:44) . Upon Christ’s return (1Co 15:22-23), all believers past (Da 12:2) and at that time (1Th 4:14-17) will be changed and given perfect glorified bodies like that of Jesus’ (Pp 3:20-21; 1Co 15:42-44; Da 12:3).

I BELIEVE in the final judgment, where the justice of God will be felt (Re 19:1-2) and Jesus will be the judge (2Ti 4:1) over believers (Ro 14:10), unbelievers (Ro 2:5-7) , and angels (2Pe 2:4). After the final judgment, the wicked will be cast into hell, which will be a place of eternal conscious punishment (Re 14:9-11); and the redeemed will live eternally with God in heaven (Re 21:24-26), which will be a physical place (Jn 14:2-3) of great beauty, abundance and joy (Re 21:2-7); where we will enjoy unhindered fellowship with God (Re 21:23).

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