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The Doctrine of God

by Christopher Warrington

I BELIEVE that by inherent understanding (Ro 1:21, 1Pe 1:8), external observation (Ac 14:17, Ro 1:20) and written revelation (Ge 1:1, Jn 1:1) we can be assured of the existence of God. 

I BELIEVE that though we can not fully understand His infinite characteristics (Ps 145:3, Isa 55:9, Ro 11:33), we can understand aspects of His character without any doubt (Mt 11:27, Jn 1:18, Ro 1:19).

I BELIEVE that though God is unchangeable in His core being (Mal 3:6, 2Ti 2:13, Jas 1:17), He can change the way He feels and acts depending on the situation (Jnh 3:10).

I BELIEVE that though anthropomorphized in scripture (Isa 54:5, 61:10; Lev 26:12), God is spiritual (1Ki 8:27, Jn 4:24) and invisible (Jn 1:18, 1Ti 1:17).

I BELIEVE that God always acts through every attribute fully and perfectly in every situation (Ps 18:30, Mt 5:48). 

I BELIEVE that He is unified through His characteristics in that He is peaceful (Ex 34:6-7, Jn 14:27, Ro 15:33) while at the same time righteous (Isa 45:19, Ro 3:25-26), and wrathful (Dt 9:7-8, Ro 1:18) as He is a jealous God (Ex 20:5, Jos 24:19, Isa 48:11), desiring His revealed (Dt 29:29, Mt 7:21, Eph 5:17) and secret Will (1Co 4:19, Eph 1:11, 1Pe 3:17) to be done.

I BELIEVE that God is eternal (Ps 90:1-2, Job 36:26) and omnipresent (Ps 139:7-10, Jer 23:23-24, Col 1:17). 

I BELIEVE that God is wise (Job 12:13, Ro 16:27), knowledgeable (Mt 6:8, 1Jn 3:20), and holy (Ps 71:22, 1Pe 1:16) which makes all that He says truthful (Nu 23:19, Titus 1:2) and all that He does good (Ps 100:5, Jas 1:17). 

I BELIEVE that God is faithful to His word (La 3:22-23, Heb 6:18) as He is loving (Jn 3:16; 1Jn 4:8,16), merciful (Ps 103:8, 2Co 1:3), gracious (Ex 33:19, 1Co 15:10, 1Pe 5:10), and patient (Ex 34:6, Ro 2:4).

I BELIEVE that God is independent from all things (Ac 17:24-25, Ro 11 :35-36) yet is omnipotent (Jer 32:27, Mt 19:26, Eph 3:20) and sovereign over all things (Jer 32:17, Eph 1:11) and so acts freely according to His pleasures (Ps 115:3, Pr 21:1). 

I BELIEVE God is filled with blessedness (Ge 1:31, Pr 8:30-31, ITi 6:15) and beauty (Ps 27:4, Ps 73:25) and radiates glory (Ps 104:1-2, Lk 2:9) to which all creation responds in worship (Rev 4:8,11).

I BELIEVE that God is a triune God in that He is a single God (Dt 6:4, Eph 4:4-6) who has eternally existed (Ge 1:26-27, Jn 1:1) as three persons (Mt 28:19, 2Co 13:14); Father (1Jn 2:1), Son (Jn 10:30) and Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19, Jn 1:32-33) yet as one God (Dt 6:4–5; Ro 3:30) and no other (Isa 45:5-6, Jn 5:44).

I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit of God who gives evidence of the blessings of God the Father (Isa 44:3, Joel 2:28-29). I BELIEVE that the Spirit of God was sent as a helper for the Church by the Father (Jn 14:16, 26) and the Son (Jn 16:7) and that through the Spirit the Church is unified (2Co 13:14, Eph 4:3).

I BELIEVE that He indwells believers (1Co 6:19) and manifests Himself in a Godlike Atmosphere (Isa 11:2, Ac 9:31, 2Ti 1:7). He strengthens to do service (Dt 34:9, Ac 10:38). He purifies (1Co 6:11), renews (Titus 3:5), gives gifts (1Co 12:11, Heb 2:4), reveals (Eph 3:5), guides and directs (Ac 8:29, Gal 5:16), provides assurance (Ro 8:16), gives words of speech (Lk 12:12. 1Co 2:4), teaches (Jn 14:26), intercedes on our behalf (Ro 8:27), and illuminates the believer’s understanding of the Scripture (Ps 119:18, 1Co 2:12).

I BELIEVE in His power to give life freely as a gift from God (Jn 6:63, 2Co 3:6). He convicts the world of its sin (Jn 16:8) and when the gift of life is accepted, the new believer is born of the Holy Spirit (Jn 1:13, 3:5) and is made anew (Jn 3:6-7, Eph 4:23), thereby becoming a child of God (Jn 1:12, Ro 8:16).

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