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About Me

"So, who is 'Christopher Warrington' and why does he have a website?" you might be asking yourself (if you don't already know me that is). Here is a general description of "who" I am.

SYNOPSIS: I have been a Christian the majority of my life and am blessed to be married to Jennifer since 2010 and the father of two boys. I was ordained as a Christian minister in 2003, since 2012 I have helped run a non-profit organization, and I completed my Masters of Divinity degree in 2013. I also have many other areas of interest and experience, all of which can be seen below, throughout this website, and on my résumé page.

There are really four distinct "parts" of me which often overlap with each other.

And if you needed even more places to learn more about me. There are numerous social media platforms,
on which I have profiles. Come take a look and connect with me.

A little more about me…

... because you scrolled down this far and thus MUST want to know more about me, right? ;-)

I do have a lot of irons in the fire…. balls in the air…. pots on the back burner…. well basically a lot of things on my plate. So, I will try to explain the majority of them here:

  • I am first and foremost a Christian, and have been so for the vast majority of my life.
  • I am also very blessed to have been married since March 13, 2010 to a beautiful, intelligent and talented lady by the name of Jennifer (goes by Jenny though).
  • I am the father two two young boys who are, as of October 2016, 1 year and 2 ½ years old.
  • I am an ordained Christian minister, since November 15, 2003. Click here for more information on my ministry involvement and you can read my doctrinal statements by clicking here.
  • I am a graduate of Phoenix Seminary located in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated May 2013 with my Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Leadership Development. (For more information on my educational background click here.)
  • I am the Chairman and President of a not-for-profit Christian Organization called The Christian Chain, Inc., which has the focus of helping develop quality resources for the Christian Community in an effort to help bridge the gap between Christian denominations. As of February 14, 2013 we are an official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization!
  • I am the owner of a web presence consulting agency called Creative Outlook Consulting, which helps its clients develop and maintain all aspects of their online presence including their website, social media interactions, search engine placement and online customer retention systems. At this time, I am only taking on clients personally referred to me and on an exclusive basis.
  • I also have many hobbies and interests including reading, writing and believe it or not, arithmetic; though mainly in that I like numbers :-). I also enjoy one-on-one biblical studies and conversations, playing Ultimate Frisbee (though I have not done so in many years), hiking, traveling, watching movies, playing card games and of course spending as much time as I can with my wife and sons.

© 2005-2016 by Christopher Warrington
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